Pinoy Maritime is a “Blog” for seafarers. Its goal is to provide you with the information that you need from the day you start your career as a seafarer.

What makes us different is that we share what we know and sometimes even more. The Founder and Co-founders are Filipinos, that’s why we choose the word “Pinoy”. It was founded back in April 2008; back when there are very few seafarers writing blogs.

By the way, the founder is a seafarer as well. A Master Mariner and DPO, who spend his career onboard cargo ships, tanker vessels, and offshore vessels. That includes working at a shipping company, maritime training centers, and maritime assessment centers.

How it was created? It’s an idea between two individuals merely talking about Luneta (a place where most seafarers gather in Manila). The topic then leads to blogging, which leads to the development of this site.

Some websites write specific ideas (i.e. news, travel, photography, hobby, etc.), but we don’t want to limit Pinoy Maritime on writing about maritime topics only. We believe that Seafarers are versatile and talented people, and are capable of learning more than what they have learned now. Besides, other people (non-maritime) are also welcome to read what we write here.

Standing on the shoulders of giant

We are not the expert; the people that we’ve worked with and we know are the experts. We are here to show you how we do it; and how they did it. What works and what does not.

Our goal, is to provide you with as much information as you need, to use it so you’ll succeed. A more practical approach in life and to be a better seafarer.

We want the information we share to resonate to others, so it can create new ideas and information. We want you to be Coachable and to learn as much as you can; and to mentor others, so you can pass whatever it is that you’ve learned.

There are a lot of experts already, sometimes you just didn’t know them yet. We’ll share them with you, just keep coming back in our site.

How to keep in touch?

For those who want to contact us, you can send your e-mail to info[at] or simply write a message through the contact form.

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