A Manning Agencies Guide to Help Seafarers Get a Job Fast

The internet is a very useful tool for hiring people. It is very inexpensive and can lessen your time in creating your shortlist of people to interview.

There are a lot of ways to use for posting your jobs and hiring people. You can use social media, job boards, press release, paid advertising, and many more.

Plus, the exposure is of a worldwide coverage, so the amount of traffic funneling in your adverts are enough to solve your hiring problem.

Another great tool that you can use is your Email. It is a very useful tool in organizing your messages, filtering and sorting the important and less important messages.

We will sort out a system that you can use so that you can properly manage your email with the minimum effort and with more productive output.

There are features like tags, folders, signatures, and spam filters that can lessen your everyday activities going through your mail and doing it manually.

The only disadvantage that I see on email is when you check it at home, after your office hours. It is a terrible habit. You’ll be bringing your work at home and it will not give you peace of mind unless you replied to that email.

When do you know that your doing it right?

Learning the correct way of posting jobs is very important to make that message standout and be understood by the recipient or interested applicant.

It also reduce the amount of unwanted emails from unrelated applicant and gives you less time scanning to hundreds of applicants that are usually not related to the skills you are looking for.

When you write your job post, keep in mind the following:

1. Use simple words.

Brevity is necessary. Go direct to the point of what you want and what you don’t want.

2. Clearly state the job description and the coverage of the job they are applying.

This lessens the emails from applicants who are asking the same question all the time and consuming your time answering them repeatedly.

3. Clearly state your company name, address, contact numbers, and person to see or person to look for.

This eliminates the notion that you are a fly by night agency.

4. Be transparent with the salary, benefits, and other perks that the applicants will receive if they get hired.

Everybody works with a certain goal in mind, and that is “Salary”.

So make sure you are clear with that. In case you are not sure about the amount of their salary or you want to base the salary to their skills and years of experience, it is safe to put “Negotiable”.

5. But be sure to answer their queries once they start asking you on the phone or by email.

6. Highlight important information that you like to emphasize in your job post.

7. Avoid making your job post as a Sales Letter.

It will look unprofessional and not credible if your pitching your job post as a sales letter.

Keep the job post a professional letter but emphasize on the urgency of the person you are looking for. This is more believable and makes your job post trust worthy.

Minimize your choices to have an 80% success rate

On a normal day at the office you will open your email and scan through the subjects. What you would normally do is check your email one by one and for all you know you have already spend 2 hours just reading through all your email.

You will notice that your shoulder starts to ache, your palm start to ache as well, you are having teary eye because of the computer monitor, and your interest in reading starts to decline.

But if you do it correctly, it will save you time and effort scanning through the list of applicants and creating your shortlist.

By the way, what is a Shortlist? It is a list of the any items, information, people, or whatever you are looking for that most likely has the potential to be “The One” or “The Answer”.

Your list will normally be more than 50. If you reduced it to 10, then you have your shortlist. If you can reduce it to 3, then you have narrowed down your list to your top 3 and making it easy for you to choose your number 1 applicant.

Remember that you must think of hiring long term employee when you are preparing your job posting.

The reader should feel that:

  • they have future in your company,
  • they will be in good hands,
  • their family will be taken cared of,
  • they have career advantage,
  • they have good benefits apart from the other mentioned.

Long term employees are hard to find, but if you find one and you manage to keep them, chances are they will help you grow your company and will be loyal to you.

Hiring online has its pros and cons too. Here are some of the few…

Online Hiring Pros

  • The hiring process is inexpensive
  • Information is posted on a larger number of people
  • Shortlisting of applicants are faster
  • Turn around of hiring people are quicker than the offline process.

Online Hiring Cons

  • You’ll have chances of receiving unwanted emails from applicants.
  • Information like salaries, benefits, etc will be posted as adverts
  • Emails will be flooding your inbox and will be cluttering if not properly organized

Offline Hiring Pros

  • More interaction with the applicants
  • Queries from applicants will be answered on the spot
  • Shortlisting of applicants are fast

Offline Hiring Cons

  • Time consuming, as conversation from applicants vary depending on the information you want to get from them.
  • Answering the same question from the applicants all the time

Implementing a good job post can save you a lot of time and effort.

Aside from that, the number of CV and applicants that you will collect can be a good reference for future job openings. Specially in the maritime industry, job vacancy is seasonal.

There are months that you will need to dispatch as much as 300 person a month, and there are times that you only dispatched 3 person a month. Having a list of people for future reference can be very handy to a crewing manager.

Tell them what you want them to do

Many people know what an email is but very few use its features and benefits. Let me show you some basic tips how to manage your email.

I usually use gmail, but since every email provider argues that their service is better than the other, so they usually has the same feature across the board.

Here is what you should do:

Step 1 – Create two folder: Name the first one as “Applicant Archive”, and the other “Shortlist Applicant”.

Step 2 – Go to your inbox and scan through the subjects of your messages.

Step 3 – Most of the time, applicants will attached their CV so you will see an attachment icon on the right side of the email subject. Open first the emails with attachment.

Step 4 – Do not download the attachment, just click and open it and read through.

Step 5 – What to look for in the CV? If you are in the manning agency, most likely you will check the (Date of Birth, Age, Rank held on previous vessel, Vessel Type experience, and seagoing time).

If you think they may qualify move the email message to the “Shortlist Applicant” folder. If not, move it to the “Archived Applicant” folder.

This reduces your time for searching emails and making you more efficient in scanning your mail. After you completed with the emails with attachment, go through the email subjects again and scan through if you see emails applying without attachment.

After you have finished completing your shortlist, It is time to read their email, download their CV, and read further to list down your top ten or top three in the list.

By this time, you will be reading through their skills, certificates validity, licenses and so on.
When you have your magic 10 or magic 3, you can start calling them, send them an email message informing them of the date and time for their scheduled interview.

Make sure you inform them to bring their original documents so you can check it with more detail.

Quick Tip: Always call the applicant and schedule an interview.


I have bad experience with CV pictures, it is either edited in photoshop or they look older in person. Also, the dates of the certificates in the CV are entered incorrectly and may cause you delay in case you need to send him to the ship on a short notice.

If you properly organize your job, you can have a good balance of your time between your work and your family.

As I have said earlier, never bring your work at home. You can use the “Email Signature” on your email provider to lessen your effort writing. How you can do that?

Go to Settings and select Signature.

Here is a sample of a typical email signature.


Juan Dela Cruz
Crewing Manager
Shipping Company X
Office Hours: Mon – Fri (08:00-15:00LT / +8UTC)
Email: abcdef@shippingcompanyx.com
Mobile Number: +123456789


Your principal office knows your after office hours mobile phone anyway but it is worth a try to subliminally telling them that “Hey we are on the other side of the world, give us a time to rest”.

You can think of other ways to get the message through but try not to bring your work at home. It will ruin your weekends and will ruin your special time with your family.

DO THIS like an Expert – Step by Step Guide

After hearing all this good tips, it is now time to start implementing them. Start your first job post.

Your Day 1 Assignment

Write down your job adverts. Do not edit. Just write the words as it pops out your head and complete your advert. After you complete writing, save it and leave it for tomorrows editing.

It is always helpful that you move away from your writing to have a fresh view when you open it again.

Your Day 2 Assignment

Edit your job advert. Proofread it and fill out the missing words or delete the unnecessary words. Keep in mind that the tone of voice of your advert must be on a professional way and must project a sense of urgency for hiring the applicant.

Your Day 3 Assignment

Select the job posting site that you want to post it. Sign-up for an account and start posting your job.

Next thing you should do is check your email. Follow the advice I have mentioned earlier and keep your email organize.

If you see a pattern in what you are doing, then create a process so that if you plan to delegate the task to your secretary, she will be able to follow through the same system that you are doing.

Keep your mailing list grow and always remember that “The money is in the list”. It will save you a lot of time, effort and additional expenses if you have a big list of people to contact.

And when you are interviewing your applicant, do not scare them away or create a wall so tall that you cannot penetrate through their emotional side.

Try to make the conversation more conducive to both of you. You will know a great deal of details from the applicant and making your interview more productive if you make it a conversational or casual manner of interview.


I hope that you will benefit from this article and make your hiring career easier. I would love to hear from you and your ideas that you like to share and that is why I encourage you to comment below so that you could share it with others.

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Wishing you success in your career.



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