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Back in 2008, very few understood the impact social media and blogging would have on the maritime industry. Fewer still leveraged this new medium to reach out to mariners. And only a few did so with useful information, professionalism and an understanding of the mariner and only a couple of those have survived to today. is one of them and continues to be an important asset to the maritime community.

John Konrad
John Konrad Founder

Hi Chris, I do not know you in person, but from your write up I understood you're a father indeed, a father that has much Wisdom and Knowledge, a father that knows when a child has the spirit of fear instead of having the spirit of Boldness. I'm beginning to realize myself. I've been operating on ASD tug, as a master both in Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea for berthing/unberthing of LNG gas tankers. Chris, your advice has brought back that Boldness. I appreciate your admirable kindness. Needs more advice from you.

Joe Bishop
Joe Bishop Newsletter Subscriber