4 Unexpected Uses for Smiles

It simply says that a simple smile can mean a lot to each and every person on board the ship. Let’s make an example out of it.


If you are given a chance to choose between two ships that you will embark, wherein you have worked with the Master’s of both ships. Both of them are very good with their work, only one thing is different. One of them smiles a lot than the other.


The question is, which Captain will you choose to work with? It also applies to each and every person on board the ship. Whether he is your bosun or your Chief Officer, a smile means a lot.

  • It brightens up your day
  • It relieves pressure at work
  • It relieves tension with an upcoming deadline
  • It makes every job a simple one


Try smiling now. It will make you Feel Young, and Look Young. I will tell you the same words that Capt. G. told us, “A smile goes a nautical mile”, a phrase that speaks for itself.



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